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Selling your home in winter

A season to sell: The advantages of selling your home this winter

As we walk into July, the cooler time of the year is well and truly upon us. And while the midwinter sales are hitting the shops – does that same sale spirit apply to selling your home?

Traditionally, there have always been some seasonal guidelines on the preferred times to sell, and it goes something like this:

• Spring is usually the favourite when moods perk up along with the weather, and buyers switch into gear to find a home pre-holidays.

• Summer is the perfect time to sell a Bach as buyers daydream of prolonging their holiday state-of-mind with the opportunity of a close escape.

• Autumn triggers a race against winter – activity remains decent and buyers hope to find (and hopefully move into) their home before colder, shorter, wetter days set in.

• Then comes winter – and it brings with it a slower pace and sense of hibernation. So there is some truth that as the rain falls, so do the number of listings in the market.

So what do you do? Despite this predictable paradigm, there are two sides to every season. And the pros that come with winter may present you with just the upper hand you need to sell your home. Here’s what you need to know:

There’s less supply, but demand in still going strong

A key factor keeping the housing boom ablaze is the unyielding demand. Seasons aside, buyers still want to secure a property, yet, as we continue to hear in the news, supply as it is is still strained particularly for large family homes. This is only more evident in winter while other potential sellers hold out for spring. What this means for you is less competition at a time of similar appetite. In fact, your property has a greater opportunity to be seen and considered now, while also maintaining a favourable price point for you.

The right campaign can offset the winter blues

You might you think that overcast days and gloomy rain would make it harder to show a home, but the right campaign and positioning can help you offset these challenges. Embrace the colder days by making your home as cosy as possible – bring in as much light as you can, sprinkle your living spaces with knit throw blankets and winter colours, and make sure it’s warm from the moment buyers enter to the moment they leave. In fact, a warm fireplace, heated bathroom floors or insulation can also become key selling points to add to the appeal. Falling in love with your home in winter could mean they’ll love it each season of the year.

The post Covid-19 housing boom knows no seasons

Since COVID-19 hit, the property market has been experiencing a boom that is not slowing down well across New Zealand. While we’ve seen the usual dip in supply this winter, it hasn’t stopped the market from breaking 5-year record sales just in the last couple of months. House prices are also holding strong with the median prices up by ~32% according to Real Estate Institute NZ. This particularly remains the case in Auckland, which continues to outperform pre-COVID momentum in comparison to this time 2019 (read more about this here).

Ultimately, we like to say the best time to sell is when it suits you! With the right support, facts and approach, the seasons have little to say at the end of the day.

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