Getting Your
Property to
Stand Out

Announcing your home is ‘For Sale’ in the most appropriate forums is vital, tailoring marketing strategies ensure you can cut through and create a presence in the marketplace.

Marketing your property is about attracting as much exposure as possible, with today’s crowded marketing and advertising channels, it is more important than ever to be dynamic and forward-thinking with your choices. As such, we have built our processes and tools to scale, so that we can be as responsive as the market demands.

We believe that each property is unique and as such, deserving its own marketing story. We target potential buyers in the channels that are appropriate for your property, and we use many tools.

Outdoor pool looking back to a bedroom


Using a professional real estate photographer, will help buyer build their emotional connection with your property from the outset. We use the industry’s best photographers to provide comprehensive options you can choose from – including twilight photos, drone shots, high definition videos and floorplans – helping you select which style of photography will show your property at its very best.

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Online / Social Media

It is essential to create an active and dynamic online presence. Now more than ever, buyers are turning to real estate and social media platforms, often making decisions before visiting a property. We carefully consider how to maximise exposure and generate interest through innovative online presentations, live video blogs, and targeted sponsored content on social media platforms.

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Home staging is the art of preparing a private residence for sale. The goal is to make the property desirable to the maximum number of potential buyers. We work with several of Auckland’s best home staging companies. Their vastly experienced consultants tailor a service to meet your needs and ensure you make the best first impression.

open magazine on a table with reading glasses sitting on top

Print Media

We have an extensive print media offering. Potential buyers searching for property use several different resources in addition to online research, including signage, magazines, brochures, letter box mailers, and agency window displays. 

man driving down a street in his car

Street Signage

Signboards are your 24-hour sales agent and are an essential, yet often-underestimated part of your marketing campaign. They are designed to capture the attention of passive buyers who may be keeping an eye on your street or neighbourhood for their dream home.

Couple viewing house

Property Viewings

Open homes and private viewings are vital to marketing your property. They provide an opportunity for buyers to get a feel for the property and surrounding neighbourhood, additionally this allows them to complete their own due diligence by bringing trusted advisers with them.

Open door with key hanging in the lock

Sales Team Inspections

We can arrange for agents from the wider Real Estate community to visit your property and then share it with their own databases. This will ensure your property will be seen by potentially thousands of buyers.

Established Database

Our local database of qualified buyers and industry experts serve as a powerful tool to allow us to quickly engage with buyers who match with your property. This significantly improves the odds of a successful sale.